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Helper 8.1.3 Upgrade

Before downloading, please review the v8.1 Product Changes document as well as the Setup CMS-1500 (02/12) Claim Form instructions. You should Print and/or Submit your current claims prior to upgrading.

To download the upgrade to Helper 8.1, you must have an active Assurance Plan membership.

PLEASE BE AWARE! Installing the Upgrade alone will not create the new CMS-1500 (02/12) claim form in the Billing, Print Claims screen. After installing the Helper 8.1 Upgrade, YOU MUST FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR SETTING UP THE NEW CLAIM FORM.

last update - 8/11/2014; file size - 20 MB

Helper 8.1 Database Server

This file installs the Helper Database Server that must be used for networked installations of Helper.

last update - 1/28/2014; file size - 6.2 MB

ClaimsConnect Client 6.2.8 (Formerly named SecureConnect)

Download the upgrade to ClaimsConnect Client. This version of ClaimsConnect Client is required for Helper 8.1.

last update - 9/11/2012; file size - 8.5 MB

ClaimsConnect Database Server 6.2.8 (Formerly named SecureConnect Database Server)

Download the upgrade to ClaimsConnect Database Server. This version of ClaimsConnect Database Server is required if you are using ClaimsConnect on a network.

last update - 9/11/2012; file size - 11.5 MB

Helper 8.1 ODBC Driver

The Helper ODBC Driver has been modified for use with Helper 8.1. You must download and install this file in order to use the ODBC driver with Helper 8.1.

last update - 1/28/2014; file size - 1.1 MB

Helper 8.1 Code Update

This update installs the latest CPT, ICD-9 Diagnosis, and Taxonomy codes into Helper. A password is required to install this update. Contact sales for purchase and password information.

last update - 8/11/2014; file size - 3.0 MB

QuickBooks Online Connector Installation

This Intuit developed installer contains additional files required to connect Helper to QuickBooks Online Edition.

last update - 11/10/2009; file size - 14.6 MB